Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Not a bad weekend

Tom got a lot of work done on the house this 3 day weekend.  Hopefully he'll have more Saturdays off so he can do some catching up instead of having only one day to try to catch up on sleep.  We watched Cowboys and Aliens last night.  I thought it was a good movie.  Not great but definitely entertaining.

I'm getting more sleep but my energy levels aren't improving as much as I would like to see.  I managed to get some things done this weekend but it was like working underwater.  Or working in slow motion.  I did re-plant my evergreen tree into a bigger pot.  It was root bound and no longer growing.  I have no idea how big this thing will get but in another few years it will be our Christmas/Yule tree.  A tiny one, but a holiday tree nonetheless.

Tomorrow we plan on planting some herbs.  I'm going to ask Tom to make me a shelf for my kitchen window.  It's the only other Southern exposure I have and I would like to have more plants, especially in February when I put my seedlings in.

I'm making  progress on the baby blanket but I'm getting bored with it.  I plan on finishing up the sweater this week and maybe the blanket.  I've been eying my Greek Key afghan but it's still a bit to heavy for the weather.  I should finish up the size 6 sweater.  I'm halfway done with the sleeves, working both at the same time.  I'm about to give up on the swing sweater.  I hate the sleeves and can't figure out what to do with an alternative.  I think I'll just finish up the sides and knit up a mini sleeve and make it a vest-type thing.

I've got to get the laundry folded so I'm off to do that and then go to bed and knit some more.  I'm watching Buffy, season 2 and have gotten to the point where Angel goes back to Angelus.  Not my favorite part of the series.  I usually skip it but I decided to watch it this time.  Nearly finished with the James Herriot book but I decided to read some things I have here instead of getting more from the library.  I'll re-read the Eragon series since I haven't read the final book yet.  Plus I have some books on Norse Paganism to read as well, including on on Runes.

But for now...finish up my chores and then to bed.


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