Monday, September 10, 2012

Rearranging my priorities

I've been doing a lot of knitting lately and trying to spend less time online.  I'm slowly easing off the sites I read daily and am limiting the time online to 2 hours at most.  Sometimes that 2 hours seems too much.  Facebook is the time-sucker that leaves me little time to read blogs and such so I'm merely skimming for the most part.  I'll just read blogs a couple of times a week to catch up on them.

I've been doing fairly well with sleep although last night was mostly intermittent sleeping.  I woke at 1:30 p.m. and decided to just stay up.  I'm feeling more energetic, little by little, but I'm not getting a lot done.  I'd settle at this stage for just keeping up.  But I have hopes that by continuing to force myself to stay in bed, the energy will come back enough to have regular days again.

I found three bags of yarn in the basement over the weekend.  My cotton yarn was in one of the bags so I can knit some more dishcloths.  I also found some Caron Simply Soft that will make some nice sweaters for kids.  Not enough for an adult.  I already had some yarn set aside for my older son who is living in Montana right now so I can make him some mittens with flaps and a hat.  He might be moving soon but even Kentucky gets winter so they will do him good no matter where he goes.

Today will be laundry day and possibly clean up the dining room.  It gets so cluttered so quickly.  Then maybe tomorrow I'll work on my room.  I'm thinking of turning it back into a living room but keeping the couch turned into a bed unless we have company or something.  I think that arrangement will work better for winter, opening up the room so the vent will be more open.  Still at the pondering stage though.

I need to get a load of clothes started so I'm off.  I thought about hanging them outside since it's cool with lovely breezes but that takes extra energy I don't have so...


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