Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I love having my mojo back

I'm doing very well with my projects, making progress in both knitting and organizing.  I finished up the armoir today and only threw away some packaging.  Didn't have to throw away anything else.  And I managed to find lots of room now.

I'm progressing on the yellow baby sweater although I bought a new Creative Knitting magazine that had tons of patterns in it, sort of a compendium of patterns, I suppose.  And in it is a darling sweater and sock set that will come next.  In blue.  I'm decreasing on the cape, have already turned the heel on the wool sock and am knitting up a cover for my Kindle out of some Lion Brand sparkle yarn in red.  It will use up the rest of it so that's good.

I found a pattern in an old magazine that I intend to knit for Zach, out of the yarn I was using to knit up his striped sweater that I never finished because I was working on a pattern that needed a lot of adjustments and I'm just not a designer so making those adjustments was hard.  It's more of a hooded sweatshirt type of thing with a pocket in front.  He loves the pattern and since I already have the yarn, it's a go pretty soon.  I do want to finish up something before I start something else.

Laundry today, partly to heat up the house.  It got down to about 33F last night so the house is a bit chilly today.  It's been a blustery day as well.  So windy we put the awnings up because I was afraid they would blow off the house.  More light in here now.

I'm also tackling the dining room and putting fans and other summer things away.  I took off the foam from my bed because it had creased and was terribly uncomfortable.  After a while they tend to get flat and since I'm sleeping just fine without it, I've shredded it for the garbage bin.  Little by little I'm getting things ready for fall.  I won't need to rearrange any furniture since the vents are clear in all the rooms.  I just need to pin up one side of the curtain in my bedroom so it doesn't cover the vent and that's it.  Well, I do need to put plastic on the windows but there is time for that.  The days are still in the 50s and 60s with the occasional day in the 70s.  And we will have a relapse of summer temps soon.  But I can winterize some of the windows ahead of time.

I hope to wait until November to use the furnace though.  It's a goal I have every year.

Well, time to get supper ready and put the wash in the dryer and start another load.



Shelley said...

I dread the cold of winter coming. I too always hope to delay the need for the furnace, but it usually doesn't work out. Sounds like you are doing well!

Kathy said...

We all do much better in colder weather here. We keep the furnace set on 60 in the day and 50 at night and usually do very well with flannel sheets, lots of blankets and layering during the day. We all have fingerless mitts to keep our hands warm so we're pretty much set. None of us do as well in the hot months. I suppose it's a good thing we got together instead of finding a spouse who is the opposite. :)