Friday, February 8, 2013


My mom is doing better although she's terribly weak and won't be able to come home.  So she'll be moved to a nursing home next week.  She's very unhappy about it so I'm trying to come up with things to send her weekly to keep her spirits up.  I got some butterscotch hard candy to send as she's limited on fluids due to her dialysis.  I can make her cards, notepaper and of course, knit her some socks.  She loves my socks.  Sadly what I send has to be somewhat unimportant as property tends to disappear in nursing homes.  Mostly it's other visitors that take things.  Sometimes another resident will have sticky fingers and rarely someone on staff.  Mostly other visitors.

So I can't send her a portable dvd player and some dvds or a prepaid cell phone.  I won't be able to call her anymore because she won't have a phone in her room and unless someone visits her with a phone and calls me, it will have to be letters and notes.  I hope we can maintain contact that way.  I'm sure she will call occasionally.  My dad will be there to visit with her every day and my younger sister will probably be there nearly every day, vacations being the exception, of course.

I don't feel guilty for not going down.  I know she's not out of the woods yet as she has a mass on remaining semi-functional kidney.  We'll just have to take each day as it comes and not borrow trouble from tomorrow.  Or some such words of wisdom.  I suspect there will be other crises in the future and I can't run down there for each one.  Not to mention my father's health is terrible also.  He has had COPD for decades and wasn't supposed to live this long.  But he's someone who enjoys life immensely and I think that has provided the impetus to keep on keeping on.

I'm nearly done with the brown socks.  On the homestretch, nearing the toe.  It looks like I might have enough yarn so I'll have plenty to make my mother another pair of the brown.  Even if I don't have enough, I can mix it with the brown or purple or use all three.  I can come up with at least 3 pair of socks if one pair is the footie kind.  She loves that kind so that's an option.

But last night was rough on me with a bout of nausea in the middle of the night.  The dog was under the covers between me and the edge of the bed so all I could manage was the wastebasket.  It has a bin liner to it so it's easy to just pull out and throw in the trash but I thought I was never going to stop throwing up.  That was 5:30 a.m.  I dozed off again and got a phone call from the dr's office reminding me of an upcoming visit.  Then my older son called after I dozed off again.  Then my sister called.  I took the hint and just got up out of bed.  I thought it was just acid reflux although I hadn't eaten much last night but I'm still queasy and have had diarrhea all day so I think I've got whatever bug is out there.  I had some errands to run today but I'm home now and fixing to go to bed with ginger ale and crackers.  Zach is fixing spaghetti tonight.  He doesn't know that yet.

So I'm off to grab a hot water bottle, Shogun and my knitting.  I've got Once upon a Time to watch not to mention all the Supernatural and Angel eps I have dvr'd.  I don't think I can concentrate on any murder mysteries right now.

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