Wednesday, February 20, 2013


All that energy it took to be upbeat back home left me me in a rush yesterday and I crashed.  Today isn't any better.  Suffering from pain and fatigue isn't ever easy but when you have that burst of borrowed energy for emergencies or times of need, it has to be paid back.  And apparently it charges interest.

I've been getting to bed early but waking up way too early, taking a nap in the afternoon but not feeling refreshed by it.  I had to rush to the store this morning because Tom needed the car this afternoon; we had a blizzard the day before and the roads were still crap.  End of the season I guess there's no money to get out there and salt the roads anymore.  Or beet juice them.  Or whatever.  So I got what I needed and raced home.  When he left I fixed myself some lunch and then crashed.  I had done 2 loads of clothes but they're still in the basement.  Well washed 2 loads, only dried one.  They'll be just fine down there until tomorrow.

And tomorrow night we're expecting another snow storm.  There is solid ice under all this snow.  I discovered this when I tried to set my groceries into a snow mound next to the driveway and they slid off.  Only a dusting of snow on top of that ice.  The roads are similar.

I managed to burn my hand last night fixing supper.  The plastic spoon got edged into a burner and when I picked it up, the plastic melted into my hand.  I put ice on it right away and when I took my shower later (and ow! did that hot water feel good on it then) the plastic finally washed off.  Back to more ice and this morning, no redness and two teeny, tiny spots that look like they could have been blisters.  No real pain unless I bump it.

I managed to get some knitting done on the pink sock but I'm still on the heel flap.  I did get some more done on Mom's shawl, even though I don't know if it will get done in time.  I talked to my dad and she's doing pretty well with her therapy but her confusion is still bad.  He's worried about the insurance kicking them out of the nursing home soon because they will have used up all their benefits.  Don't get me started on Republicans right now, with them wanting to cut Medicaid, Medicare and other funding for the poor and elderly.  When my dad has to worry about the cost of medical care for my mother to continue to live, I'm inclined to use foul language toward anyone who wants to talk about how much it's costing the fat cats with their subsidized billion dollar pay checks. 

Okay...I'm better now.  Not really but I will move on.

Anyway, I'm so tired right now I think I'm going to crawl back into bed.  I slept 2 hours this afternoon and will probably fall asleep again at 8 or 9, like I did last night.  I know it's the letdown to having pushed myself all weekend.  And even earlier this week.  So...I might get some knitting done tonight but sleep really means more to me.  I have sandwiches in the freezer for Tom's supper and Zach wants grilled cheese so he can fix that himself.  I've got a pizza I can heat up in the toaster oven if I get hungry.  Otherwise, I'm not cooking.  I'm resting.

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