Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted

And I hope I can sleep in tomorrow without having my sleep disturbed by non-stop political calls.  And by political calls, I mean calls from the right. 99.9% of the calls I got were from the right.

I had to get up with Professor at least 4 times last night, which woke me up because I had to go outside with him to keep him from barking.  And it seemed like as soon as I got back to sleep, he woke me up wanting out again.  And then, toward morning, I was in twilight sleep when I had the strangest feeling.  I opened my eyes to see Hannibal's nose about 2 inches from my eyeball.  Just staring at me.  Creepy.

Another problem I have is that I can't prop my pillows up so I can sleep which means it take forever to get comfortable so I'll be shifting the bed a bit, sliding it against the wall under the waterbed headboard that I use as a bookcase.  It won't be ideal but at least I should be able to sleep again.  It still leaves the heating vent open but also opens up the room a bit so I can walk through it.  As it was I had about 6 inches of corridor through the room.

I would love to have my own room.  Sigh.

Well, off to finish up my room and start supper.  Probably chili tonight.  It's cold and rainy and that's just chili weather.


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