Friday, November 2, 2012

Having one of those "I hate some people" days

I'll admit it started  with Professor not letting me sleep last night, wanting out every time I entered REM sleep.  Around 8 a.m. the robocalls started and some of them were minutes apart.  Tom picked up some but he was upstairs most of the morning.  Finally I got up around 1 p.m. because sleep just wasn't going to happen anymore.  Not meaning to be political but 100% of the calls were from the right.

I had to go back to the store because there were two necessary items not put on the list yesterday so  I had my coffee and a bit of incredibly slow computer time (I have no idea what is up with my computer but Zach says I need to reformat it to fix it which will lose everything I've got and if I save to a stick, I run the risk of bringing it back to the computer afterward.  I just keep putting it off.) I got dressed and headed to the store.

I stopped to get some gas, which was about $20 cheaper than the last time I filled up (only to find the price was 4 cents cheaper on the way home...I think they see me coming.)  Then I got past the one stop light heading out of town on E and traffic was backed up about a half mile from the railroad crossing where they load the cars on the train.  Being this was rush hour, I didn't think it was a good time to close off the one of two west exits out of town.  By the time we finally got going (I had a book to read and got 2 pages finished before we got to move again and I was pretty far back.) I think traffic was backed up beyond the traffic light.

So...finally got to town, grabbed a sandwich because one of the things we were missing was bread and I didn't feel like cooking something before I left.  Had some peaceful time reading and enjoying my dollar menu items and then headed to StuffMart where things got crazy.  There were two things I needed in addition to the bread and in front of both items, family reunions were going on.  I coughed, hinted and finally left, thinking I could come back in a few minutes but it was nearly 20 minutes before either aisle was available.  Even coming back every few minutes didn't deter the people from catching up on all the news.

So I wasn't in a very good mood at all.  Not to mention I'm having an allergy headache because I didn't take my meds yesterday.  I occasionally give myself a day off to see if I'm okay without them.  Apparently I'm not.  It was also frustrating when people who shop take up the whole aisle and shoot daggers at you if you try to get around them. 

So now I've got a raging headache and just want to go to bed.  I'll do the plastic on the windows tomorrow. 



Gladys said...

Really, did you have 20 minutes of time and energy to spare? What do you think would have happened if you had smiled and said "Excuse me, I need to get a..."whatever they were standing in front of? We Chi Bears fans can say nasty things about cheeseheads, but I do believe that they would have stepped aside and given you the room you needed.They were is hard(I walk with a cane) and you should not have to tire yourself more because of thoughtless people.

Kathy said...

Hi, Gladys! Thanks for commenting. You're right that my time is as valuable as anyone else's but I had to do some comparative shopping, not just pop in and grab something so I waited. I'm sure they would have moved aside but as they were taking up the entire aisle, moving aside would have left me little room to get in and look to see which item I wanted.

Plus I'm a big wuss when it comes to confronting people. I'd much prefer people did the right thing instead of me asking them to.

Thanks for your perspective on this. I appreciate it.