Saturday, June 8, 2013

I'm still here

I have been spending more time offline knitting and trying to utilize the minimal amount of energy I have in cleaning the house.  Not succeeding on the latter function at all though.  Still...getting a lot of knitting done.

I determined that I have too much yarn and it needs to be knitted up rather than discarded.  So I'm looking to either finish up old projects or frog them and re-use the yarn for something else.  I frogged a sweater that I was no longer in love with and turned it into a very nice baby blanket.  I'm finishing up a Greek Key afghan that I did love but got tired of working on and found a scarf that was nearly done and now is completed.  I have some baby sweaters that need buttons sewn on and a young girl's cardigan that I'm working to finish up as well.

Today I organized...well, that's a very loose description of what I really did, which was just stuffed yarn in bins that I stuffed in a corner.  I now have four bins of yarn in my bedroom and still have 5 bags of projects hanging on the crafts rack in the dining room.  Not to mention the 3 bags of projects that are in my bedroom. 

But I'm making progress and that makes me contented. 

I have my appointment with the cardiologist on the 17th of this month but I'm not making progress with my diet at all.  It's the lack of energy to do any cooking that will enable me to eat more healthful foods.  Since nearly everything I eat must be cooked from scratch to avoid the high sodium levels in all processed foods.  Plus I've just been hungry all the time. And since I can't drink anything to fill me up in between meals because of my fluid restrictions, I'm failing in both and drink.

But I wake up each morning trying my best so as long as I don't just quit, maybe eventually I'll make it.

In the meantime, I'm knitting up a storm and watching a bunch of things on the dvr and Amazon Prime.  Not to mention my dvd collection. 

And since I'm nearly done with the afghan, I'm going back to working on it while watching Ballykissangel on Amazon.  Yep!

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