Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Finally getting some answers

I saw the cardiologist yesterday and my heart cath is on Thursday.  I'm not sure why I sat around waiting for my appointment for a month and then everything is rushed all of a sudden but I'm glad we're finally doing something about it all.  He expects to find some narrowing or blockage which he will take care of with a stent or a balloon but I also have a scar on my heart, which indicates I've had a heart attack at some point in my life.  As I have never had any symptoms at all, he calls it a "silent heart attack."  Which is frightening on many levels. 

I have to lie on my back for 4-6 hours afterward so I'm taking my kindle, loaded up with library books and other books I've already got on there since holding a heavy book over my head will get very tiresome, very quickly.  I don't think I can knit while flat on my back though.  I will be taking some knitting with me in case I have to stay overnight.

I don't look forward to all the bills coming in as we already have a $800 to pay on just the Emergency Room visits.  It really sucks to get sick in America since only those who can afford it get the care they need.

I'm still working on the bobbles and lace afghan, minus the bobbles.  I found some black yarn in the same Simply Soft Eco brand.  So it's coming out black and brown.  It looks okay together, actually, although I think it would be best as one color.

I might take my sister's socks with me to work on as well.  I'm supposed to only pack a "small" overnight bag but my knitting usually takes up more room than my clothes and toiletries.  I mean...shouldn't it?

Well, I have to make a trip to the store to pick up something for Zach's supper on Thursday and some meds and maybe a new set of summer pjs to wear at the hospital if I have to stay.  They'll probably make me wear the gown but I hate not having pants on.

They're trimming trees across the street today but I think I can still get the car out of the driveway.  Boy, are they loud!

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