Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making progress

I got most of the house cleaned up yesterday.  Nothing like imminent company to force your hand.  Zach did the heavy work, like shifting things and mopping and scrubbing.  Still, it took a lot out of me and I am barely moving today.  Sore and stiff.  I took my maximum amount of pain meds before I went to sleep last night. If I had any pain, it didn't wake me up.  I was zonked clear through until 8:30 a.m. when Professor needed out.  I just stayed up at that point since the alarm was set for 9:30.  At least now I have a head start on the house and can continue to make progress.  We were going to work out in the yard today but it looks like a storm is moving in so we'll wait for it to pass.

I've been knitting constantly and joyfully.  I'm using up my stash although, since I'm not a fast knitter, it's taking a while. I just found out my nephew and his wife are having a baby boy so one of the baby blankets I just finished will do nicely as a gift.  I have enough yarn left to knit up a sweater as well but it would be a warm one so I have to figure out how old he will be this winter.  I don't know when he's due yet.  I like to knit them up larger so they grow into them and have time to wear them.

I also found an afghan pattern that I think I have enough yarn for.  It's bobbles, lace and cables but I really dislike bobbles so I'm leaving them out.  Saves on yarn, too.  Plus it's faster.  Still working on my older sister's socks.  I'm using Cookie's Monkey pattern.  Haven't used it in years but it's fun and easy to remember.  In purple.

I bought some sock yarn I saw at JoAnn's the other day.  Both sets of skeins were self-striping and beautiful so I got them while there was enough yarn for the socks.  I also found a hairpin lace set that I picked up. JoAnn's has improved since I was there after the opening.  More variety in yarn, needles and other crafts as well.  Now I don't have to go to Hobby Lobby for anything.  Thankfully as I hate their policies and politics.

I think I'll catch up on laundry today and maybe paint the Sun Face I got at the thrift store the other day.  Now that the dining table is cleared off.  I also want to get my pencils out and do some drawing again.  I pretty much have to start over again since it's been years since I picked up a pencil.

I also plan on reading as I just picked up some books from the library yesterday.  Not to mention the books I own and just got from the thrift store.  Some Neil Gaiman...American Gods.  A Tad Williams book (I loved Tailchaser's Song so I thought I would try another of his books.)  And some books on Greek mythology and ancient Greece.  I've been passionate about that since my grade school years.

Well, I think I'll go grab some lunch and then settle in to get some more knitting done.  I'm able to move around more so I need to keep at it instead of just knitting all afternoon.  Still, the fatigue gets to me and it's hard to get up and get going most of the time.  I'm trying to push through the fatigue, hoping that eventually I'll gain more energy from the exercise.  I have an appointment with the cardiologist next week so I'll find out what the results were from the stress test.

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