Sunday, June 23, 2013


Had a really good day today.  Tom took me to the store because I can't drive until tomorrow so I got the shopping out of the way so all I have to do tomorrow is errands and the credit union.  I still can't lift much so the guys have done the heavy stuff, like bringing the groceries in and putting the screens in.  And the air conditioners.  It's going to be very warm this week so we'll need them.  It's better if I don't try to work in the heat so I relented and let Tom put the a/c in my room.  Now I just have to put things back together since we had to move stuff to make room for it.  I didn't put it in the window I used last year because it's the window I get the good breezes in.  So I opted to leave that one for the window fan, which I can take out easily if I need the a/c.  Otherwise it's mercilessly warm in there all summer long.

I've been doing some cooking because I can't use prepared foods because of the high sodium.  I'm going to have to bake my own bread because bread is extremely high in sodium.  It's not fair.  Still we'll be eating much better than we have for years.  I was careful not to overdo it today.  Took plenty of breaks and drank water, although I can't have as much as I want because of the congestive heart failure, which will be with me for the rest of my life...which is looking longer than it did a week ago.

I've been working on an afghan because the pattern is nice and interesting without being obnoxiously intricate.  But as it gets warmer, I'm going to have to switch to smaller projects, like socks and baby clothes.  I'm using up some of the stash and now have room in a couple of the bins so I can put the rest of the yarn away.  I hope it's the rest of the yarn.  I might find more in the basement and in my closet.  But for now I can get rid of the stuff that's still just hidden in corners.

I have lots of baby sport yarn so I can make some baby blankets and sweater sets.  That's not too hot to work on in the summer. 

Well, time to put my bedroom back together, load up more yarn into the bins and then finish up supper.  I can't believe how much better I feel already.


Susie B said...

Yea! You sound like you are on the road to recovery. Just don't try and overdo it when you start getting your energy back. This was a serious wake up call that, unfortunately, we women aren't superwomen even tho we want to think we are. :)

Kathy said...

Thanks, Susie. I am trying to be moderate in my activity right now. Still can't lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk and I try to avoid stooping down because it bends the leg too much. I am just glad I'm not dragging right now. If I do in the future, I'll just deal with it, knowing it won't be that way all the time. :)

It was a serious wake-up call indeed!