Saturday, September 14, 2013

Loving the knitting mojo

I'm frogging the red sweater because it's just too bulky.  I don't like the drape...heck, there isn't any drape at all.  Too stiff.  So I'll do something else with the yarn.  I was on gauge but it didn't look a thing like the picture.  Instead I'm knitting socks.  I had bought some sock yarn at the new JoAnn's we got recently.  Good price so I got several skeins.  Some is self striping.  That's what I'm working on now.  I might give them as gifts to the nurses in cardiac rehab.  They're so nice.

I love that the weather is cooling off.  I'm taking the a/c out of the window this weekend so I can watch the bird feeder while I knit in bed..  Still pondering turning it back into a living room but not yet anyway.  Maybe sometime when Tom is home for the whole weekend.

I still don't have a lot of energy even with the exercise and the weight loss...which isn't a lot but is steady now and while miniscule, is at least a sign I'm moving in the right direction.  I've got one more week left in my 50s.  Next Sunday I turn 60. 

I've got laundry going today. I was going to restring the clothesline but I think I'll do that tomorrow and dry the white clothes in the dryer since socks feel so much better machine-dried.  At least the dryer will feel nice today since it's so cool.

Otherwise I'm spending the rest of the day knitting and a bit of cooking.  I have some shopping to do but that might wait until tomorrow.  I'm not in any hurry.  I have 3 blankets on the needles right now so I think I'll dig out Zach's pullover and get back to work on it.  I'll have to figure out where I am in the pattern and relearn it, I suppose.  I much prefer working on pullovers to cardigans.  And I really hate the buttonhole bands that are folded over.  Too thick and the buttonholes never look right to me.  I got some purple yarn several weeks ago on sale so I think I'll make a wrap out of it.  Something to throw on when it's not freezing out.  Or something to wear while knitting.  I do have lots of things like that so maybe I'll do a pullover instead.

I started getting Knit 1*2*3, a knitting magazine in the mail.  I really like this one because the patterns use yarn I can afford and have access to.  It's frustrating to fall in love with a pattern that only will work in the yarn they have chosen and it's out of reach financially and is completely unavailable.  I have lots of things to watch while knitting this winter so I'm really feeling the knitting mojo today.  Lots of projects, lots of possibilities.  I also have plans to work on other crafts as well, like spinning, some crocheting, drawing, maybe some painting and hopefully I'll get some writing in as well.  Which means much less time online.  I haven't managed to be done with facecrack yet.  It's the only place I have to see some of my friends so it's hard but it lags my computer so much that I am more tempted each day to just give it up.

I've barely gone to Ravelry lately.  I should check it out more often and facecrack less.

Off to put the clothes in the dryer and back to knitting.


Rue said...

I do wish the weather would cool off here. It is supposed to next week sometime... I'm just a little tired of 85-90 degrees all the time. Happy knitting!

Anne said...

So good to read your upbeat post. You ARE moving in the right direction...sing it out loud "inch by inch". You have done amazingly well. That fatigue is nothing like I ever had before; there were times I thought I could as easily climb a mountain as walk to the kitchen and cook something.

I do believe that we both have a rogue gene that causes the disease "knittus continous". Those who suffer from it see yarn and are overwhelmed by the desire to MAKE SOMETHING.

Actually finished the left over sock yarn scarf..ends woven in,blocked and ready to go.

The cuff to cuff sweater was going really well,until I got to the part where all the stitches were back on one needle. Then the wheels fell directions as to what to least no directions that I understood...might as well have been written in swahili. Knitted on any way and now have no idea what are the shoulder stitches and where the sleeve begins. Might try ripping back to the joining place.

At the same time,had the urge to pick up 1 of the 3 sweaters I have started and finish it. Beat that urge back. My daughter had knit up a bunch of dishclothes(I am a gene carrier)and gave me the left over yarns, so I spent the whole weekend on the couch making multi colored dish cloths. Love mindless knitting too.

Keep on keeping on.

Kathy said...

Rue, we could still get some warm days but I'm hoping they will be few. It's looking like the 80s tomorrow though. But I am loving the 40F nights.

Thanks! Got a lot of knitting done over the weekend. Didn't even go online yesterday at all. I forgot to!

Kathy said...

Anne, I really hate it when I get to a point in a pattern where the directions no longer make sense or there are bits missing that would tell me what to do next. Infuriating!

I really should try to finish something. Making progress on the blankets though and just turned the heel on the sock so making progress there as well. I need to dig out Zach's sweater and get back to work on it because I have to knit one for my other son, too. He's in Montana and it's mighty cold there in the winters.

Love making dish cloths, too. I have a circular pattern that I love to use on them, but I have no idea where it is right now. LOL I should get more organized.

knittingdragonflies said...

Glad to see you are still here and knitting. My birthday is next week also! Yay! (I think, if we don't think of the numbers)

Kathy said...

Hey, Vicki! It would be nice not to think of the numbers but they just keep getting larger!

Good to hear from you and hope you have a Happy Birthday as well!

knittingdragonflies said...

Maybe I caught your knitting mojo! Thank goodness! LOL, Progress, you made me laugh so hard I nearly fell off my chair!!
Take care
Hopefully I'm back to knitting and blogging! Glad you are still here!!

Kathy said...

It was good to see you back! I had missed you. :)