Friday, September 6, 2013

At least I'll have the pain meds for a few months

The nurse called back to tell me that the dr has refilled my pain meds but it didn't sound like the dr was happy about it and WILL see me again in a few months to discuss this.  I'm thinking of looking for a new doctor.  One who will treat all of me and not send me to a specialist every time something comes up.  I talked to some nurses today and found out no other doctor does that.

I nearly started a new project last night but I couldn't get it to come out right.  I may still do it.  It's a tunisian crochet cable scarf that I would like to learn how to do.  I know how to do tunisian crochet but this cable thing is a but difficult to understand. I saw it on a knitting show but I deleted the program so I don't have it anymore.  Maybe it's on the site.  It's either Knit and Crochet Now or Knit and Crochet Today.  Can't remember which.

I must get back to work on my dad's sweater though.  Which I will work on tonight as I'm not doing much  more than fixing supper.  It's been a hectic and frustrating week full of stress and little sleep so I'm tired and in a lot of pain right now.  Thankfully I can take some tramadol in just a few minutes and put my feet up for a while.

Still plugging along with the baby blanket, too...the sherbert green one.  I should get pictures of all that I'm doing.  I just keep forgetting to do it.  Maybe next week.

Not sure if I'm going to the family picnic on Sunday.  I'd like to go but if it's hot and I still feel this bad then I just can't sit that long in pain.  I'm going to try to make it.  I'll just have veggies to eat though.  Can't think of anything to take.  I'm too tired to fix much of anything to take.

Off to go lie down for a bit before fixing supper.


Anne said...

Oh wow...think you are so right to find a Dr. who will treat all of you. This is so different from
any experience I have had as a patient.Pain,and the amount of sleep I'm getting are discussed at every office visit. Being so tired so often is definitely not a good thing. Got to take care of yourself.

I also started a new project ...could no longer resist the self-striping worsted weight yarn and started a pullover. I wanted vertical stripes so I found a pattern that knits up from cuff to cuff. Did you ever do this? I read through the pattern several times and think I understand it...except for the part where the neck shaping begins. Hoping when I see the stitches on the needle it will make sense.

Kathy said...

I'll admit I dread the process of finding another doctor but I can no longer trust her since she flat out lied to me and nearly left me in dire straits with no pain meds.

That sounds like a cool project. I've never knitted sideways before but it sounds like fun. I started another blanket as well. Just a simple garter stitch patchwork using up some yarn I've got around here. I needed something mindless because I'm having trouble concentrating these days.