Thursday, December 6, 2012

My mojo is back!

All it took was a new project for my older son.  He's living in Montana right now and while it's still pretty mild there, winter is still in its infancy.  January and February can be a real bitch so I'm knitting him some mitts, flip-top mittens and a hat out of some odd skeins I have around the house.  Trying to use my stash a bit before I buy anymore yarn.

My reading mojo is back as well.  I sat down and read a whole book yesterday.  In fact I lost sleep because I wanted to finish it.  It was a memoir and not about a person I particularly liked.  I liked her even less when I finished it but still I am fascinated by people who make their marks out there.

We're back to cold weather again.  I'm not hanging clothes out anymore for the year.  Too cold and takes too much time and energy.  I need to focus on getting caught up on cleaning and start cooking from scratch again.  I need to make up some tortillas today.  It's a favorite snack food for the guys so I should make them rather than buy them.  It doesn't take a lot of time or effort...just me getting up and doing it.

I didn't sleep a lot because my son in Montana called me this morning.  Not early and usually I would be up at that time if I hadn't stayed up all night reading so I'm in a fog right now.  But I was so glad to talk to the firstborn.  I had missed him.  A lot.

I do need to finish up some projects I've got going as well as the projects I just started.  I hope that will be easier now that my mojo is back.  Plus I just got American Horror Story from the library yesterday.  Season one, of course.  I found out I don't need season one to start season 2, which is on my dvr but it came into the library before I could get around to watching season 2.  So I've got that to watch before it's due back.  Lots of knitting can be accomplished while watching that in the next week or so.  Plus all the things on my dvr inventory.  Tons of tv series there including the first 2 seasons of Merlin and the first 2 seasons, so far, of Fringe.

I must get off and get something to eat and then work to be done.



knittingdragonflies said...

glad you have some Mojo! I loved the "winter is in it's infancy" line. Send some Mojo my way! *grin*

Kathy said...

Thanks, Vicki! Wish I could figure out how to send mojo...then people could send me some when I get low. Maybe we could figure out a way to bottle it. :)