Monday, February 24, 2014

Still a knitter even if I'm not much of a blogger

Still here and still knitting.  I finished my older son's sweater and need to get it in the mail to him before the temps go up.  I knitted both sleeves together so they would be the exact same size and then lost one of the sleeves.  Then I lost the sweater.  Then I found the sweater but didn't find the sleeve so I knitted another one.  Got it all sewed on and washed and dried and found the other sleeve.

I blame the car key fairies.

Currently I'm working on two socks and Zach's sweater.  His won't be done before the temps go up so I'm thinking of starting over in a smaller size.  We're going to get busy losing weight and getting healthy so I'm worried that I'll end up with a sweater far too big for him next winter.  On the other hand, that kind of puts pressure on him that would surely backfire. 

Still battling this debilitating fatigue and have gained back a few pounds because I got completely demoralized by my lab results.  I had been eating vegetarian, low fat/low sugar and my triglicerides and cholesterol both went up higher than they were before I started eating healthier.I'm back on track now but I know my labs in a few weeks will be horrendous since I had those few weeks of a meltdown.  It's so frustrating.

We have more cold weather coming in so I'm going to pay the bills today and run the errands so I can stay inside the rest of the week.  Our driveway is still icy in spite of a full bag of salt on it.  The other night, I got back from my mammogram and some shopping and the driveway was a solid sheet of ice.  I barely got the car in but getting the groceries in was even harder as we had to walk down the driveway and across it with bags of groceries.  We ended up wading the bank of snow into the neighbor's driveway, down to the sidewalk and around to our sidewalk.  We had heavy rain the day before and then a freeze.  I am so ready for spring.

Got to get the bills ready and clean up a bit so we can get going soon.  Much more knitting to do today.  And every day.

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