Thursday, October 3, 2013

More car problems and much knitting.

We had planned to go down to Indiana this weekend, tomorrow in fact, but things are in limbo right now as the car started making some strange grinding noises in the right wheel.  Tom is out there right now looking at it but as it's already mid-afternoon and the clouds are threatening rain, I don't think anything can be done about it today.  If it does need something done to it.  I'm nervous about driving all the way down there...a 10 hour trip...not knowing for sure what the noise was so as far as I'm concerned, the trip is off.  I'm not a risk-taker.  Driving a car with a problem doesn't make the problem makes it more of a problem and more always means more money, too.

I'll have to call my dad and let him know. 

I had stayed up late making a gift for my niece's daughter since her birthday is coming up.  We were going to celebrate all of ours since they're all so close together:  my dad's is the day before mine, my niece's is a week or so before his and my baby sister's in on the last day of the month.  I'll just mail the gifts to them since we probably won't go down now until the spring.  Tom will be doing some training at work and since his vacation days start counting down again very shortly we can't take that many days again just now.  Plus deer hunting is coming up next month.  We don't travel much in the dead of winter because of the weather so it will have to be spring. 

To be honest, this will give me time to get a bit healthier before we make the trip.  I've been feeling a bit "off" the past week.  Some heart palpitations, although not much, and some anxiety.  I'm no longer on the lasix except as needed.  I took a couple this past week because of some shortness of breath.  I'm still not sure how to live with congestive heart failure.  All the information I got during rehab was about the stent.  The insurance doesn't cover treatment for congestive heart failure. 

I've been knitting up a storm.  I just wish I could finish up a project before I start another one.  I got a free Crochet magazine and loved some of the projects in that so I started an overshirt.  My gauge is impossible to get right so I just adjusted the pattern to fit the yarn instead.  I have no problem doing that with crochet.  Just can't do it with knitting for some reason.

I'm also still working on the 70s cape and the baby blanket.  I have to kitchener the toes of the sock and start its mate.  Since we're not going down (unless Tom can pronounce the car wonderfully healed) I also need to start cleaning.  The house hasn't had a good cleaning for over a year at least.  And the past couple of weeks have been bad for me with the fatigue so it's gotten very cluttered.  Time to clean.

I do much better with fall cleaning than spring cleaning anyway.

Also time to put up my Halloween decorations.

Well, I'm going outside to see what Tom has discovered so far.

I've closed the contest for the book.  Susie B has gotten hers but the other entry never came back to my blog to notify me or even just to see the results so as far as I'm concerned the second book is mine. :)


Anne said...

Hope it's not too late to wish you
a happy birthday and that next year's is even better.

The knitting gods have pushed me under the bus. I have destroyed 3 sweaters in the last month and a half;one because I didn't understand designer speak. But the other two were plain vanilla patterns I have done before.

Decided I needed some mindless knitting and started an afghan...lost the pattern.

Saddest,saddest of all I've found four skeins of self-striping
worsted in two different colorways AND I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING TO MAKE.

More of my free advice worth every
cent:Drs want to hear if their patient's have any breathlessness,when it happens,what they are doing at the time etc.etc. Just sayin. Take care of yourself.

Kathy said...

Thanks, Anne. I'm getting used to being 60 but in my heart I'm still in my twenties. My body just doesn't agree. LOL

Those darned knitting gods!!! I can't quit starting new projects. It's like an addiction. I hope you sort it all out. I'm getting ready to frog some of my ancient projects since I can't find the patterns anymore.

I've told the dr about the shortness of breath and he's not concerned because it's after activity and just a brief period of seconds rather than the minutes I used to have. Another problem I have is I have anxiety attacks that manifest themselves as shortness of breath. This isn't as bad as those were so I think I might be just overreacting because of the CHF. When it can resolve itself in a matter of 5 seconds or so, I'm guessing it's not an issue. Also I let the nurses know when I was going to cardiac rehab and they watched me and didn't see any evidence of distress during my workouts so...

But thanks so much for the advice. I really appreciate it. :)

Anne said...

I also have those anxiety attacks. There are so many things I can't do for mysef and/or control,that everything seems a crisis. Usually turns out to be nothing...the lost phone bill turns up etc.

Anne said...

"Always starting things" is normal knitting behavior...why else would yarn shops have so many knitting needles but to make sure we always have a free pair or two?

I found two skeins of self striping yarn in colors that will go with my winter jacket. Started a scarf..knit length wise.

Also found a sweater that just need sleeves. Don't know where the pattern is,or what size needles I used. Going to guess;the sweater is for me and I don't aim for perfection. "Close enough" is my motto.